With both a remote handheld operator terminal and a built-in color monitor / keyboard, the machine operator can select patterns, change and display operating characteristics, run diagnositcs, and do many other functions from two different locations around the machine.

The combination of a new high-density plug-in driver card, I/O rack, and ribbon cabling system to the pattern control devices on the tufting machine allow the largest expansion capacity of tufting control systems in the industry.  The system as shown (66"H x 24"W x 24"D) has a capacity of 5120 points of control with larger systems available.  Each new driver card has either 64 low-voltage/low-current or 32 high-voltage/high-current, fuse-protected outputs with LED indicators on each output, making the system "dance in lights" while controlling the tufting machine or while running the built-in system diagnostics.  Machine types currently supported include UTPA, ICN, FRS, 2 and 3 level SCROLL, LCL, ColorTec, Tufted Weaver, and many others.

The new Model 7 TC-3000 Computerized Tufting Machine Control System follows a 15 year tradition of reliable, yet flexible systems designed and built by

This system, like the over 300 other CES systems installed worldwide, has been designed from the ground up with the customer in mind.  Linked to the CES AutoTuft Pattern Design System software and just about any Windows paint or drawing program, the TC-3000 systems can put design ideas into carpet and rugs very quickly and easily.

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