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Transport From/To Database
Menu Path:
MAINT/System Files/Transport From-To

This database allows setting up user-defined locations from which transports are made so that   trip ticket data entry is reduced, as well as automatic assignment of correct HCPCS base rate modifiers.

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The FROM/TO database file is a memory bank of FROM/TO locations. These codes and descriptions are obviously dependent upon the local area, and thus this database must be built based on local preference. When entering a trip ticket, and you reach the FROM and TO fields, you have several options. (1) You can enter the location manually without the location existing in the database-the down side is that the base rate modifiers also have to be manually entered; (2) you can search the database for existing locations for which you do not remember the code; (3) you can enter the code-as with most cases for locations known to you; (4) you can add a location to the database-i.e. you can build on to your existing database. Whenever you select (or add) a location from the database, the description is copied into the data entry screen, and also the base rate modifiers are assigned to the HCPCS codes.

The FROM/TO Main Screen (screen 3) is displayed three ways:

Πwhen from the invoice screen FROM/TO code field positions are highlighted and the Ctrl PGDN key is pressed.
 when from the invoice screen FROM/TO code field positions are highlighted, and an exactly matching FROM/TO code is not in the FROM/TO file. At these times, the FROM/TO Main Screen is displayed with the nearest matching codes in the window for either exact selection or searching (same as F10--> Filter; DIAGNOSIS file section).
Ž from the menu selections as shown above.

Field Descriptions

Code - The FROM/TO code is a one to three character field that can be either letters or numbers. Use codes that are easy to remember.

FROM/TO Description - These descriptions are completely at each user's preference. Some Medicare Carriers are beginning to reject claims where the City and State are not included in the FROM/TO description. Additionally, this inclusion cuts down questions that Medicare, Medicare, Insurance, etc. concerning mileage – ALWAYS INCLUDE CITY AND STATE IN THE FROM / TO DESCRIPTION--This is absolutely required by Kentucky Medicare and is a good policy with all claims

Mod(ifier) - -Base Rate Modifier for transport to/from locations; required in some states for Medicare; also printed on forms

Facility ID - not Required at this time