EMS Fast Cash Billing Manual

Table of Content


Backing Up Database Files

Specifying the backup device/drive/password
Format a Diskette
Backup All Data
Save One Database
Restore One Database
Merging Database Files
(Adding two files)

Billing Procedures - Appendix A

Middle of Month
End of Month
End of Year

Change Date

Change Date for posting, report dates, etc.


Establishing your charge (Supplies) database
Specifying Charges that will not be billed to Medicare/Medicaid

Posting charges to an invoice
Posting corrections to charges posted in previous accounting periods
Marking charges not to file on claims
Printing statistical reports on charges posted


Defining the disk location to store extracted collection data
Defining the minimum time from one collection level to the next higher level
4 Ways to transfer invoices to collection status
The Collection Main Menu
Transfer of data to collection agencies via email / diskette / printouts
Sample Collection Letters


Establishing a Contract Account in your billing system
Entering a Contract Invoice

Database Files

Cities - User-defined allows shortcut codes for entering addresses
Company - User-defined allows system configuration
Diagnosis - ICD-9 Codes and descriptions plus search engines
General Ledger - Chart of accounts for transaction printouts and journal entry into external accounting systems
Messages - User-defined messages for statements and invoices
     How to change the severity of a message on a statement
Printers - Margin setups plus assigning to reports and forms
Supplies - User defined list of HCPCS codes, descriptions, and prices-accessed when posting charges
Telecom - Electronic claims parameters
Transported From / To - User defined transport locations to reduce typing for addresses
User - Password and disk drive for backup/restore
- Most system activity revolves around the invoice screen which includes these and other functions:
     Adding a new invoice (run sheet)
     Add a memo to an invoice
     Contracts - Nursing Homes, Hospices, HMOs, Hospitals, etc.
     Display an invoice data
     Display invoices with charges not posted  
     Display in chronological order complete transactions of all trips for one patient
     Edit (change) an invoice data
     Find an invoice/account
     Posting Charges
     Post Payments
          Add Payments
          The Medicare EOMB
          Post Medicare Payments-including Contractual Writeoffs
          Post Medicare Rejections
          Medicare Crossovers
          Edit (Change) Payments
          Delete Payments
          Mark Payments for Corrections-Reversing Entries/Not to file with Claims
     Print account detail report - sometimes used to send a collection agency
     Quick access of data for telephone inquiries
     Special State-Dependent Fields-HCPCS Modifiers, Medicare, Medicaid
Patient Database
Add/Edit/Delete Patients from the patient and invoice data entry screens
    Attach Memo to patient record
    Find (Search) for patients
    Nursing Home, HMO, Hospice, etc. Contracts
Paycode 7 Database
          Private Pay- Monthly Database Screens and descriptions
Paycodes 3-5-6 Databases
          Auto / Primary / Secondary Insurance Database Screens and descriptions 
Doctor Database
Employer Database
Insurance Company Database

     Adding Insurance Companies   
     Specifying MEDIGAP companies
     Searching and Locating Insurance Companies
Subscription Database

Electronic Claims

Setting Up Transmission Parameters
Transmitting Claims to Medicare
Transmitting Claims to Medicaid
Receiving Electronic Audit Trails

Entering Run Sheets

Add a new run sheet
Sample Run Sheet

File Maintenance-Database Corruption

Reindex Data Files
Validate Data files
And More


Medicare HCFA List -- allowed charges-In use by Medicaid-some states, but not all
How your Charge (Supplies) Screen determine charges that will be billed
Medicaid Contractual Writeoffs                 


How rates (Medicare Allowed Amounts) are determined
State-Specific Prevailing Fee Screens (Ambulance reimbursement rates)
How your Charge (Supplies) Screen determine charges that will be billed
Posting Medicare Payments and Writeoffs
MEDIGAP Secondary Insurance Payor to Medicare             

Multiple Companies are Supported

32 Independent Companies/Databases are supported   

NON-Emergency Transports

Diagnosis Coding Philopophy

     Posting Payments and Writeoffs
     Posting corrections to payments posted   in previous accounting periods
     Marking payments/adjusting entries not to file on claims
     Printing statistical reports on payments posted
     Establishing Monthly Payments



See PRINT/Reports Menu
See PRINT/Files Menu -- print database files
Accounts Receivable/Payment Pending
          Aged by 3 selectable aging periods
          Aged by payor type
          List by selected payor type in chronological order by service date
          Operations Report -- summary of operations including A/R
Overpaid accounts for refunds
Balance posted payments with bank deposits
Collection Reports
          One report per invoice--all details for collection agency
          Invoices transferred to collections status this month
          Extraction -- list printed after extracting for collection letters
          Patient list -- patients on collection status
          Operations Report -- summary of operations including payments and writeoffs
          Payments and writeoffs by date with payor types identified
          Payments by payor type -- summary this month, YTD, and last year


Run Sheets

A Sample Run Sheet
     With statement for patient to sign
Entering Run Sheets (Invoices)


Statements to print after posting Insurance/Medicare Payments
Payment receipt
Mid-month past due statements
Monthly statements

Transport Locations

Setting up your From/To File
HCPCS Modifiers for locations/facilities
Statistical reports on transport locations



EMS icon on the desktop
Running multiple copies of the program