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Memos can be added to some databases: invoices, patients, etc.  The procedures and formats are the same.  Invoice memos are used a lot, and described below.

wpeE.jpg (46162 bytes)
Screen 1-Main Invoice
An asterisk (*) to the left of an invoice number (see column 1 above) denotes that a memo has been added to the invoice.  Memos are used for internal usage by billing persons to clarify irregularities.  To either add a new memo or to display an existing memo, select the M-Memo option by highlighting the invoice with the arrow keys and pressing the M key.  A typical memo is displayed below.

wpe5.jpg (34035 bytes)
Screen 2 - Memo Screen

You can format your comments per personal preference.  We like to put the date first, etc. as shown.  Data entry is standard word processor compatible.   Holding down the Ctrl (control) key and tapping the W key saves any changes made, and pressing the ESC(ape) key aborts and changes and leaves it the way it was upon entry.