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Menu Path:

The employer file can be accessed via the menu tree shown immediately below, but most often is accessed from the patient data entry screen when entering patient employment information.  The functionality of the employer file is practically identical to the patient file, and thus only some differences are discussed here. For a detailed description of how the employer file is accessed, utilized, etc. see the detailed writeup of the patient file.   The employer  file is also accessed from the main menu, as shown below.

wpeE.jpg (23808 bytes)
Screen 1 Main Menu-FILES

wpeF.jpg (33760 bytes)
Screen 2 - Main Employer Screen

wpe11.jpg (23541 bytes)
Screen 3 -- Detail Employer Screen

Employer information can be entered for each patient, but most generally is only entered for workman's comp claims.  data in this screen is self explanatory.  When you come to the insurance company code, you must either access the Insurance File or add an insurance company to the Insurance File.