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Menu Path:

The doctor file can be accessed via the menu tree shown immediately below, but most often is accessed from the invoice data entry screen when entering a doctor.  The functionality of the doctor file is practically identical to the patient file, and thus only some differences are discussed here. For a detailed description of how the doctor file is accessed, utilized, etc. wee the detailed writeup of the patient file.  As with the patient file, access is usually from the invoice data entry screen after entering the doctor code.  The doctor file is also accessed from the main menu, as shown below.

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Screen 1 Main Menu-FILES

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Screen 2 - Main Doctor Screen

wpeA.jpg (17583 bytes)

Screen 3 -- Detail Doctor Screen

Many Ambulance services know neither the attending physician nor the physician who ordered the transport when transporting the patient to a hospital.  Therefore, we add doctors such as shown, simply as code ER-RH.  You may consider using ER for all hospitals plus a 2-3 character code that is the same as the hospital code--utilizing this technique will become apparent with useage.  The UPIN (Unique Physican Identification Number-I think) is not required of ambulance services.   All of the other fields are for your own internal use, and some providers do not bother with the extra and possibly unnecessary key entry.