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EMS Fast Cash Billing

Software Updates

04/01/2001 - 03/31/2002

  • V14.0 - 04/05/2001
    • Extensive changes made to accomdate GA Medicaid procedure code changes effective 4/1/2001.
    • GA Medicaid electronic claims modified to support new procedure codes.
    • GA Medicaid Form 09 modified to support new procedure codes.
    • New, improved default rules for the SUPPLIES file added. Multiple service levels and payors can now be specified. This means that you can have different default charges for different payors!
    • Printing the extended description of the SUPPLIES has been improved to include the default rules.
    • New default SUPPLIES file containing new supply codes for GA Medicaid can be merged from update diskette.
    • For example, from the SUPPLIES file printout:
      • BASEA1E - A0427 - Advanced life support, level 1, emergency transport
        SLEV-1, STYPE-E, PAYOR-1345

        This means that the default rules for supply code BASEA1E are: service level "1 " (ALS Level 1), service type "E" (emergency), and payor "13457". In other words, this supply code should be used if the service level is a "1", the service type is an "E", and the primary payor is either 1-Medicare, 3-Auto, 4-Workers, 5-Insurance, or 7-Private Pay.

  • V14.1 - 04/06/2001
    • Modified entry of Medicare, Medicaid, and policy numbers. All dashes now removed.
    • Medicare electronic extraction now checks for blank origin zip code.

  • V14.2 - 04/09/2001
    • HCFA1500 form now prints patient's social security number in block 1a for worker's comp claims.

  • V14.3 - 04/12/2001
    • Improved handling of block 32 of HCFA1500 form.
    • Improved invoice report now includes date invoice and balance due statement printed. Payment descriptions now included in transaction summary section.

  • V14.4 - 04/13/2001
    • Problem restoring old backups made before V12.40 released 11/18/99 corrected.
    • GA Medicaid supply code M2BASEA had incorrect HCPCS/PROCEDURE code in V14.0 SUPPLY file update. The correct procedure code is "A0427".
    • AL Medicaid has indicated that they are changing their dialup access number from (334)264-2646 to (334)215-7800. This number should be changed on page 2 of the TELECOM file. It also should be changed in the AL Medicaid PES program by clicking on Tools+Options+Carrier.

  • V14.5 - 04/30/2001
    • List of calls by date report modified to include all invoices in report, not just invoices with tot_chgs > 0.

  • V14.6 - 05/01/2001
    • New field added to employer file to specify where to mail HCFA 1500 forms for worker's compensation situations.
    • From/To file can now be printed when other users have the file open. Escape bug fixed.

  • V14.7 - 05/04/2001
    • HCFA15000 bug corrected when printing one form from list of 10 invoices and secondary insurance selected.

  • V14.8 - 05/17/2001
    • New data (no. trips, from, to) added for GA Medicaid emergency claims to handle multiple trips in one day. Emergency 09 form was improved along with electronic claims.

  • V14.9 - 05/24/2001
    • New field added to INSURANCE file that specifies whether to print only the modifiers from the charge file on HCFA 1500 form. Some carriers (BS/BS of TN) do not want to have included secondary modifiers from the invoice on the HCFA 1500 form.

  • V14.10 - 05/31/2001
    • Medicare has ruled that subscriptions (charging patients a flat fee per year for unlimited trips) are illegal and cannot be used. If you are using the subscription option please call for more information. Subscriptions will be completely removed from the program in future versions.

  • V14.11 - 06/14/2001
    • Medicare extraction changed to allow invoices with blank zip codes to extract if date of service is before 01/01/2001.

  • V14.12 - 06/21/2001
    • New V14.9 feature now working correctly.

  • V14.13 - 06/22/2001
    • New discount field added to COMPANY file (page 1). New F4 option in posting payments automatically creates a payment record to paycode 8 (discount) equal to the total charges times the discount percentage set in the company file.

  • V14.14 - 06/27/2001
    • New file maintenance feature added to automatically update Medigap codes. Georgia Medicare users should update their Medigap codes on July 27, 2001 after 4:00 PM.

      To update the Medigap codes in your INSURANCE file, insert the update diskette in drive A and select Option 3 - File Maintenance and Option 7 - Update Medigap Codes. This will update your old Medigap codes to the new codes. It will not add new codes or records to your INSURANCE file.

  • V14.15 - 06/28/2001
    • New question added to TELECOM file for AL Medicare to indicate whether your calling from outside the state.

      If you are calling AL Medicare from outside the state, select Option 2 - System Files and Option 9 - Telecom. Answer "Y" to the question of whether you are calling from outside the state.

  • V14.16 - 07/10/2001
    • New field added to INSURANCE file to enable printing origin zip code in block 23 of the HCFA1500 form. This is now being required by Railroad Medicare.

  • V14.17 - 07/13/2001
    • Date added to AL Medicare/Medicaid 340 crossover form.
    • New field added to INSURANCE file to enable/disable printing telephone number in block 33. TN Medicare has requested that the phone number not be printed.

  • V14.18 - 07/19/2001
    • HCFA1500 problem printing refiles fixed.

  • V14.19 - 07/25/2001
    • HCFA1500 problem caused by V14.17 update corrected.

  • V14.20 - 07/26/2001
    • MS Medicare electronic claims now transmits modifiers from charge file only.

  • V14.21 - 08/02/2001
    • New flag added to COMPANY file (page 3) to enable/disable detailed event logging to the MEMO file. If enabled a comment will be added to the MEMO file every time a HCFA1500 form is filed. Be aware that this feature will make your MEMO file (and backups) grow bigger. Other events will be added in the future upon customer request.

  • V14.22 - 08/03/2001
    • AL Medicare claim status problem calling from inside Alabama corrected (V14.15 bug).

  • V14.23 - 08/07/2001
    • HCFA1500 Block 23 PIN number field size increased.

  • V14.24 - 08/07/2001
    • Statements modified to include insurance code in filed message.

  • V14.25 - 08/08/2001
    • New export program (type 2) added to monthly menu (option 9).
    • User enters desired current payor insurance code (blank for all).
    • User enters desired user defined code (blank for all).
    • User enters starting date of service (blank for all).
    • User enters ending date of service (blank for all).
    • A comma delimited text file will be created in the COLLECT folder specified in the COMPANY file on page 4 with the file name of EXPORT2.DAT.

      A. Provider name of service (C-25)
      B. Tax ID (C-10)
      C. Invoice number (C-10)
      D. Policy number (C-20)
      E. Patient's last name (C-25)
      F. Patient's first name (C-15)
      G. Group name (C-30)
      H. Date of service (C-8)
      I. First file date (C-8)
      J. Last file date (C-8)
      K. Transported from (C-42)
      L. Transported to (C-42)
      M. Total charges (N-10.2)
      N. Total cash payments (N-10.2)
      O. Total non-cash payments (N-10.2)
      P. Invoice balance (N-10.2)
      Q. Level of care:
      o ALS
      o ALS1
      o ALS2
      o BLS
      o FIXED
      o ROTARY
      R. Current payor insurance code
      S. User defined code
      T. Prior authorization number

  • V14.26 - 08/09/2001
    • Cleanup modified to print deleted invoices in sorted order.

  • V14.27 - 08/10/2001
    • Extracting collection letter data now querys for the agency code (enter BLANK for all). The List Payments by Collection Agency report was modified to include the date the account was turned over to the collection agency (newest collection date).

  • V14.28 - 08/14/2001
    • New fields added to export program (type 2): current payor insurance code and user defined code.

  • V14.29 - 08/15/2001
    • MS Medicare electronic claims modified to transmit HCPCS modifiers using new method.

  • V14.30 - 08/16/2001
    • New field added to export program (type 2): prior authorization number.

  • V14.31 - 08/20/2001
    • HCFA1500 modified to print state in block 10 if auto accident.

  • V14.32 - 08/20/2001
    • New GA Medicaid 501 adjustment request form added. To set up your system to print the new form, go to System Files (option 2) and select Printers (option 6). Modify the Left Margin and Top Margin setting for the new 501 form (last line on page). The correct settings depend on your brand of printer; for a HP LaserJet 4050 the correct settings are left margin=2 and top margin=11.

  • V14.33 - 08/22/2001
    • Problem with statements caused by V14.24 update corrected.

  • V14.34 - 08/23/2001
    • GA Medicaid 501 program was not included on V14.32 update diskette as intended.

  • V14.35 - 08/23/2001
    • Statements and transaction summary messages improved.

  • V14.36 - 08/28/2001
    • Date of last statement added to transaction summary.

  • V14.37 - 08/31/2001
    • New auto writeoff program added to monthly menu with the following features:
      • User enters the number of days invoice must be past due.
      • User enters the collection agency code.
      • User enters the desired writeoff type code:
        o C - Charity
        o D - Bad debt
        o E - Other
      • All invoices in Active status where the current payor is Private Pay and the invoice is greater than or equal to the number of Days Past Due that was entered will be automatically written off. A payment will be posted to the PAYMENT data file with the paycode set to 9 (writeoff), the payment amount set to a calculated value to make the invoice balance equal zero, and the writeoff type set to the user specified value. An appropriate transaction record will be created and posted to the TRANSACT data file.
      • The invoice collection agency code will be updated.
      • A comma delimited text file will be created in the COLLECT folder specified in the COMPANY file on page 4 with the file name of EXPORT3.DAT. The file will list all invoices automatically written off and will contain the following fields:
        1. Invoice code (C-10)
        2. Date of service (C-8)
        3. Patient's first name (C-15)
        4. Patient's middle initial (C-1)
        5. Patient's last name (C-25)
        6. Responsible party's first name (C-15)
        7. Responsible party's middle initial (C-1)
        8. Responsible party's last name (C-25)
        9. Bill to street address #1 (C-30)
        10. Bill to street address #2 (C-30)
        11. Bill to city (C-20)
        12. Bill to state (C-2)
        13. Bill to zip code (C-10)
        14. Patient's social security number (C-11)
        15. Invoice balance (N-10.2)
        16. Last payment amount (N-10.2)
        17. Last payment date (D-8)
        18. Level of care:
        • ALS
        • ALS1
        • ALS2
        • BLS
        • FIXED
        • ROTARY
        • SPECIALTY
        • VOLUNTEER

  • V14.38 - 09/06/2001
    • Cleanup now sorts the list of deleted invoices by patient code.

  • V14.39 - 09/13/2001
    • Statements and invoices modified to print contact first if alternate billto address is used.

  • V14.40 - 09/18/2001
    • New field added to export type 2, first file date.

  • V14.41 - 09/21/2001
    • Print FROMTO file bug corrected
    • HCFA1500 improved for AL Medicaid secondary.

  • V14.42 - 09/26/2001
    • Fixed problem running EXPORT2 and improved EXPORT1.

  • V14.43 - 10/05/2001
    • HCFA1500 modified to include both zip code and prior approval numbers in Block 23.

  • V14.44 - 10/09/2001
    • Data entry of Service Ordered By field in invoice improved.
    • New message #10 added to message file. This message is printed on a invoice if the primary payor is Medicare and the secondary payor is private pay. The message could be set to say something like: "Our records show that you do not have secondary insurance."

  • V14.45 - 10/11/2001
    • New EMT data file added to help when entering EMT/Paramedic names and numbers in Paycode 1 and 2 records. Add your EMT names in the new file by going to 2-System Files + 4-EMT or by hitting CTRL+PGDN when requested to enter a EMT/paramedic/driver name.
    • Option to print EMT file added to Print Files menu.

  • V14.46 - 10/12/2001
    • Patient's phone number added to WOFF3.DAT (writeoff past due invoices).

  • V14.47 - 10/23/2001
    • Problem creating new company caused by V14.45 fixed.
    • End of year menu option eliminated. End of month now closes the year automatically.

  • V14.48 - 10/25/2001
    • Medicaid not filed report improved.

  • V14.49 - 10/29/2001
    • Printing invoices (2nd page) improved.
    • Validate and Cleanup improved dealing with invalid memo records.
    • Date PCS signed now defaults to date of service.

  • V14.50 - 10/29/2001
    • Improved handling of signature on file in NSF 3.01.

  • V14.51 - 11/02/2001
    • Fixed bug in V14.46 (writeoff past due invoices).

  • V14.52 - 11/02/2001
    • Modified EXPORT type 2 to include Medicare, Medicaid, and Auto Insurance.

  • V14.53 - 11/05/2001
    • Improved telecom validation logic.

  • V14.54 - 11/06/2001
    • Adding new insurance record now defaults new Y/N fields.
    • Railroad Medicare requires that Block 24K of the HCFA1500 form contain
      your Medicare provider number. Edit the appropiate Insurance record and
      enter your Medicare number in the field marked: BLK 24K, reserved for local

  • V14.55 - 11/08/2001
    • New field added to INSURANCE file to control printing charge descriptions
      in BLK 24D of HCFA1500 form.

  • V14.56 - 11/12/2001
    • Merging companies now also includes EMT records.

  • V14.57 - 11/16/2001
    • In some cases Medicare will automatically file secondary insurance even if the secondary insurance carrier is not a Medigap carrier (Medigap number is blank). A new flag was added to INSURANCE file to indicate if Medicare automatically crosses over claims for the insurance carrier. If the new flag is set to YES, the program will automatically set the date filed for the secondary insurance when Medicare is primary and the claim is filed electronically.

  • V14.58 - 11/20/2001
    • HCFA1500 form block 24K width increased.
    • New optional fields added to FROMTO file: phone number and contact name.
    • Add new insurance record initialization improved.
    • List of 10 insurance records display improved to display an "*" beside the company name if Medicare automatically crosses over to this carrier if it is secondary.


  • V14.59 - 11/26/2001
    • Problem in merging new EMT records (V14.56) corrected.

  • V14.60 - 11/28/2001
    • GA Medicaid number of passengers now defaults to one.
    • Improved addressing for contracts.

  • V14.61 - 11/29/2001
    • Windows based EMSClaims V1.16 now supports AL Medicaid electronic transmissions. Change the transmission type on page 2 of the TELECOM file to "2" to enable.

  • V14.62 - 11/29/2001
    • New adjusted A/R balance added to Operations Report. This number is the sum of all charges minus the sum of all payments for non-collection status invoices.

  • V14.63 - 12/07/2001
    • Field AA0-33.0 changed for FL Medicare electronic claims (required 2/4/2002).

  • V14.64 - 12/12/2001
    • Transaction log now supports printing a summary only.

  • V14.65 - 12/14/2001
    • Single user bug in V14.64 change corrected.

  • V14.66 - 12/18/2001
    • V14.44 invoice message 10 conditional logic corrected.
    • Support for AL Medicare electronic claims using Windows EMSClaims and FTP file transfers added (incomplete, more to come).

  • V14.67 - 12/20/2001
    • Changes to HCFA1500 for AZ Medicare made. Block 29 now only includes private payments. Block 30 is always left blank.

  • V14.68 - 12/21/2001
    • FL Medicaid transmission now runs EMSClaims without checking for file to transmit.
    • Bug with Y/N questions in INSURANCE file corrected.

  • V14.69 - 12/27/2001
    • Print invoice payment pending report improved: "P" prints if filed by paper (primary or secondary).

  • V14.70 - 12/28/2001
    • More changes for AL Medicare electronic claims using Windows EMSClaims V1.17.

  • V14.71 - 12/31/2001
    • Print invoice payment pending report improved: "P" also prints if claim refiled (primary or secondary).

  • EMSClaims - V1.16 - 11/26/2001
    • Added support for AL Medicaid electronic claims. Note the following about the new technique for AL Medicaid electronic claims before switching:
      1. You DO NOT have to switch. The existing AL Medicaid system will continue to work.
      2. Since EMSClaims is Windows based, it works with non-DOS compatible modems fine.
      3. No notification is required with AL Medicaid to switch.
    • To switch to the Windows based EMSClaims program, edit the TELECOM file (page 2) and set the transmission type to "2". Note that extracting claims will immediately set the date filed in the billing program. To get a list of claims filed, select option 6 in the Telecom/Medicaid menu - Print List of Claims Filed Electronically.

  • EMSClaims - V1.17 - 12/31/2001
    • Added support for AL Medicare FTP file transfers. Note the following about the new technique for AL Medicare electronic claims before switching:
      1. You DO NOT have to switch. The existing InfoSolutions system will continue to work.
      2. Since EMSClaims is Windows based, it works with non-DOS compatible modems fine.
      3. You do not need the Bell South X.121 account to transmit using FTP; however, the call will be a long distance call to Birmingham rather that a local call with InfoSolutions.
      4. To switch we have to notify Medicare and get them to assign you a login and password for the FTP system.
      5. A Windows RAS Dial Up Networking entry (under My Computer) must be created with a name of "AL Medicare". The phone number should be set to (205)988-8282. The connection type is "PPP" and the protocol used is "TCP/IP". Call for help in setting this up on your system.
    • To switch to the Windows based EMSClaims program, edit the TELECOM file (page 1) and set the transmission type to "2". Note that extracting claims will immediately set the date filed in the billing program. To get a list of claims filed, select option 6 in the Telecom/Medicaid menu - Print List of Claims Filed Electronically.
    • Added support for TN Medicare to receive response files using ZModem. According to TN Medicare, effective February 2002 they will provide only electronic copies of the Receipt Listing.
      • After connecting and logging in, select option 1 - Mailbox Access Facility. Then select option 1 - Change Data Type. Then select option 2 - Receive Production Files. Then select option 5 - Download to initiate the file transfer. Click the Receive File using ZModem button on the toolbar to begin receiving the file. The file is placed in the Inbox and can be viewed.

  • V14.72 - 01/08/2002
    • Select company bug fixed. General program cleanup associated with new April 1st release.

  • V14.73 - 01/15/2002
    • BACKUP2.BAT modified for Windows XP compatibility.
    • GA Medicaid 09, DMA-82 (4/01), support added.

  • V14.74 - 01/18/2002
    • Some printers being sold today only work for Windows GDI (graphics device interface) applications. Standard DOS compatible printers understand how to print text information such as A-Z, 0-9. The Windows only type printers cannot print standard ASCII text; they only understand printing graphics. Some of the low-end inkjet printers are included in this group, along with many of the multi-function printer/fax/copier products.
    • If your printer does not work when the device name is set to LPT1, LPT2, or LPT3, you can now specify the Windows device name instead. This causes the program to send the printer output to a file which is then sent to a Windows spooler program for printing. The downside to this technique is that it is slower. Also, Windows may not begin printing until everything in the print job has been sent.
    • To support Windows only printers, a spooler program called WINPRINT has been added to the EMS program. To use the new program, specify a Windows printer device name in the PRINTERS setup file instead of the standard ports LPT1, LPT2, or LPT3.
    • If you are unsure of the names of all your printers, just enter anything that does not contain a period (for instance TEST). The program will display a list of valid printers that are installed on your system. The list will also include network printers that have installed drivers.
    • You can also use the printer name DEFAULT to send printer output to the default Windows printer driver.
    • As before, if you leave the printer device selection to a blank, the program will query you for a printer device name before each print job.
    • You can still redirect printer output to a text file by specifying a filename in the device field; however, you must also specify a filetype. For instance, to send printer output to a file called TEST.PRN, set the device to TEST.PRN (not just TEST).

  • V14.75 - 01/22/2002
    • Data export #2 in Monthly menu modified to now include worker's comp and private pay invoices. To select private pay claims, enter the word "PRIVATE" for the insurance code. Entering a <blank> for all questions will extract all invoices.

  • Billing Notes
    • When billing Medicare hospital to hospital transfers (GA specifically), it is important that Medicare understand that no services were available at the originating hospital and that the patient was admitted to the destination hospital. This is the purpose of the WL modifier. Some states do not use that modifier (GA for instance); therefore, the secondary diagnosis narrative field must be used to explain why an ambulance was required.

  • V14.76 - 01/24/2002
    • Increased printer device name widths to 48 characters.

  • V14.77 - 01/28/2002
    • Printing statements menu now supports printing mailing labels also.

  • V14.78 - 02/04/2002
    • Operations report issue corrected with "Total Calls" field. The program now counts invoices with no posted charges as a call in both the printout and in the historical data.
    • Export data type 2 improved to allow specifing payor using either insurance codes or paycodes.
    • Three new fields were added to invoice to allow a claim to be reviewed by a specified person. The reviewer can enter a review date which indicates when the claim should be reviewed again. The reviewer can also enter a user defined review status code. For instance, a status code "A" might mean "Payment Pending" or status code "B" could mean "Promise to Pay".
    • Option "A" added to the PRINT menu to print "Review Reports". Two new reports were added.
    • Report #1 - Accounts due to be reviewed
      • User specifies the reviewer code (<blank> for ALL)
      • User specifies the review date range (<blank> for ALL)
      • Invoices with zero balance would be skipped.
              Review Report 1 - Accounts Due to be Reviewed

            Invoice      DOS        Review   Stat     Balance
            XXX-XXXXXX   99/99/99   99/99/99   A    99,999.99

            XXX-XXXXXX   99/99/99   99/99/99   A    99,999.99
            Patient's Name
    • Report #2 - Payments received this month
      • User specifies the reviewer code (<blank> for ALL)
      • User specifies the review date range (<blank> for ALL)
      • User specifies review status (<blank> for ALL)
      • Invoices with zero balance would be skipped.
			                  Review Report 2 - Payments Received This Month

        Invoice    DOS      Review   Paid      Code     Stat  Payment Balance
        XXX-XXXXXX 99/99/99 99/99/99 99/99/99  12345678   A  99999.99 99999.99

        XXX-XXXXXX 99/99/99 99/99/99 99/99/99  12345678   A  99999.99 99999.99
        Patient's N
  • V14.79 - 02/04/2002
    • Two new yes/no fields added to the INSURANCE file to control HCFA1500 printing of blocks 19 and 21. You can now select to leave block 19 blank or continue to print the from/to description here. You can now select to only print ICD9 codes in block 21 or continue to print both the codes and the descriptions.

  • V14.80 - 02/05/2002
    • A new flag was added to the COMPANY file (page 3) to allow printing statements with only the latest payment detail included.

  • V14.81 - 02/06/2002
    • Reports menu name changed to "Financial Reports". From/To reports moved to new menu name "From/To Reports".
    • A new report was added (option 9 in Financial Reports) to "List Payments By Insurance Company".

  • V14.82 - 02/08/2002
    • Patient code removed from PAYCODE3, PAYCODE5, and PAYCODE6 files.

  • V14.83 - 02/11/2002
    • Dates for collection letters added to the invoice screen.

  • V14.84 - 02/12/2002
    • Title of review report now includes reviewer's code.
    • Export data type 2 now includes patient's Medicare and Medicaid numbers.
    • Cleanup improved to remove invoices with balance less than one cent.
  • V14.85 - 02/18/2002
    • Review report now allows sorting by review date. Also the patient's Medicare and Medicaid numbers are included.
    • Corrected problem in TELECOMX concerning INITPRN when resetting date filed.

  • V14.86 - 02/20/2002
    • New data fields and logic added to allow better tracking of filed claims.

  • V14.87 - 02/21/2002
    • New 1 year adjusted collection rate added to operations report. The collection rate is computed as follows:
      • cash = sum of all payments on system to paycodes 1-7 for invoices less than one year old.
      • woff = sum of all payments on system to paycode 9 and writeoff types A, B, F, or H for invoices less than one year old.
      • sales = sum of all charges on system for invoices less than one year old.
      • collrate = 100 * cash / (sales - woff)

  • V14.88 - 02/22/2002
    • Export type 1 improved to include added fields:
      • User defined code from invoice
      • Primary paycode - obsolete (see V14.89)
      • Secondary paycode - obsolete (see V14.89)
  • V14.89 - 02/25/2002
    • Export type 1 improved to include added fields:
    • Current payor - insurance code

  • V14.90 - 02/27/2002
    • The default INSURANCE file contains an invalid insurance company name and address. The insurance code "VA-ALEXA" (Veterans Administration in Alexander City) is incorrect and should be deleted by changing the status to "D" for delete. Cleanup will remove the record when run at the end of the month.
    • New financial report added: List of Charges by Supply Code.

  • V14.91 - 02/28/2002
    • From/to reports now correctly included on update diskette (V14.81 bug).

  • V14.92 - 03/01/2002
    • Writeeoff type added to list payments by date financial report.

  • V14.93 - 03/04/2002
    • Transaction log improved to show both positive and negative cash payment columns.

  • V14.94 - 03/07/2002
    • Improved handling of Medicare secondary on HCFA1500 forms.

  • V14.95 - 03/08/2002
    • Improved printing HCFA1500 forms for TN Medicaid.

  • V14.96 - 03/14/2002
    • Improved printer alignment for GA Medicaid 09 form.
    • New flag added to COMPANY file to enable/disable printing date signed on HCFA1491 form.
    • Medicare claims using the HCFA1491 form can now be printed from the "List of 10" invoice screen by pressing ALT+H.

  • V14.97 - 03/19/2002
    • Added support for printers that cannot print 80 columns on GA Medicaid 09 form:
      • If your printer cannot print a full 80 columns, edit the PRINTERS file and change the GA Medicaid 09 special option to "L" to limit to 78 columns.
    • Improved company merge handling of memo errors.

  • V14.98 - 03/20/2002
    • Corrected default charges logic for contract invoices.

  • V14.99 - 03/27/2002
    • Corrected default charges logic for contract invoices.
    • Corrected EXITPRN bug in HCFA1500 (reset date filed function).
    • For invoices with dates of service of 04/01/2002 and later, you should use the new A0425 HCPCS code for all mileage charges to Medicare. You may also want to go up on your rates at this time.
    • Add the following records to your SUPPLIES file.
Code Description Extended Description HCPCS Type Price M1 Allowed M2 Allowed Default



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