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CES Products and Services

Tufting Controls

CES has been selling computerized tufting controls worldwide since 1986. Our current Model 7 controller supports 13 machine types.

Pattern Design Software

CES has a long history of pattern design software development. Our AutoCad base software is still widely used. The DesignTuft software is our newest product used in carpet, rug, and mat design.

EMS Billing Software

Our ambulance billing software has been evolving for over 10 years now. It includes many features such as invoicing, statements, insurance forms, electronic claims, reports, and more.

EMS Billing Services

In addition to our ambulance billing software, CES can also provides an ambulance billing service where we charge a fixed percentage of the collected amount. Call for more detailed information and a quote.

Trash Compactor Monitoring

CES is the exclusive manufacturer of trash compactor monitoring units and host monitoring software for WasteNet. Significant savings can be realized when haulers monitor the fullness of enclosed trash compactors. Trucks are dispatched only when the compactor is full.

Facility Manager

Save money on your energy bill by scheduling your thermostats. The facility manager system gives you complete control of your building's temperature at all times.


CES is available to network your office computers.

Custom Hardware and/or Software Design

CES can supply custom hardware and/or software to your specifications.

Maintenance, Training, and Support

CES is available to do computer related maintenance, training, and support.


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