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New EMS Billing updates added.
DesignTuft V3.31 demo added to downloads page.
Web based on-line ticketing system available. Call for details.
User installable replacement wiring harness assembly for Tuftco Scroll machines available.
  • Prevents wiring shorts.
  • Replaces all internal harness wiring which is suseptible to oil and mechanical wear.
  • Terminal strip test points at each clutch.
  • New wiring harness enclosed in protected wireway.

New DesignTuft Version 3.24 pattern design software released. HLCS patterns are now supported...more
List of EMS Fast Cash Billing Software updates posted for 4/1/06 thru 3/31/07.
New help screens added to tufting control system. Call for upgrade information.
Online support available. Call (706) 882-4704 for help.

New Facility Manager System saves money on your energy bill .... more
New DesignTuft Version 3.15 pattern design software released... more
New SCROLL3S staggered needle bar, three level scroll machine type added to tufting control program.
Support for electronic claims to Railroad Medicare added to EMS billing program.
New support for CMC patterns and BITMAP files added to tuft control system.

New FRS2 tufting control shipped. This new model controls a Cobble full repeat scroll machine with 2 needle bars..more
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