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Software Updates

04/01/2014 - 03/31/2015

V27.0 - 04/01/2014
  • The implementation of the transition to ICD-10 Code Sets has been delayed by federal law (HR 4302) until at least October 1, 2015.
  • Printing new CMS-1500 (02/12) now correctly displays form version in title.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is upgrading their FTP server on June 30th. The new server is not compatible with EClaims. If you are not currently using Office Ally to transmit BC/BS of Alabama claims, you should make the transition now. Paperwork is required before using Office Ally to transmit BC/BS claims. Below is a link to the required paperwork.

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama Pre-Enrollment Instructions - 5010

    Unfortunately you will not be notified when your application is approved. You will have to call Office Ally to check on approval status (see instructions). After approval, edit the insurance screen for your BC/BS of Alabama insurance record and change the two following settings:

    • Electronically File: 4
    • Clearinghouse Payor ID: 00510

    Call or email if you have any questions. Note that it can take up to 2 weeks to process the paperwork and the cutoff date is June 30th.

V27.1 - 05/14/14
  • New message #13 added to MESSAGES file.
    • 13 - Message to appear on INVOICES if:
      A0998 billed: ambulance response and treatment, no transport
V27.2 - 05/15/14
  • Invoice message #13 logic improved.
V27.3 - 06/17/14 V27.4 - 06/17/14
  • Corrected problem with EMSW64 renaming database fields.
V27.5 - 06/27/14
  • The diagnosis type in the DIAGNOSE file can now have a value of <blank>. This allows the diagnose record to appear in both ICD code and narrative selection lists.
V27.6 - 07/08/14
  • Added flag to configuration file (page 4) to control including patient's social security number on aged report.
V27.7 - 08/04/14
  • Added question to posting finance charges to allow not posting charges to invoices in collections.
V27.8 - 08/06/14
  • Improved printing CMS1500 (02/12) form:
    • Block 15 now prints if block 10 A, B, or C are YES.
    • Block 17 now prints the DN qualifier (ordering provider), doctor’s name, and NPI number if option 1 is selected in the insurance screen and values exist in the database.
V27.9 - 09/16/14
  • Improved printing CMS1500 (02/12) form.
    • Block 14 qualifier now prints “439” (accident) if any box in block 10 checked.
V27.10 - 10/02/14
  • Corrected problem when adding a new invoice and ICD indicator defaulting to 0 instead of 9.
V27.11 - 10/15/14
  • Date invoice posted added to invoice report.
V27.12 - 10/24/14
  • Corrected problem when saving empty memo with Notepad.
  • Deleting invoice now correctly deletes all attached memo records.
  • List computers with user record locked feature added to File Maintenance menu.
V27.14 - 11/04/14
  • Added new Export #36:
    • Posting Summary By Paycode
    • See V27.16 for revised spec
V27.15 - 11/07/14
  • Exports menu headings changed.
V27.16 - 11/16/14
  • Modified new Export #36:

Posting Summary By Paycode - Export #36

Payer No. Calls Charges Payments Contractual Writeoffs All Writeoffs
Primary or Secondary Medicare N1 C1 P1 CW1 W1
Primary or Secondary Medicaid N2 C2 P2 CW2 W2
Primary or Secondary Medicaid N2 C2 P2 CW2 W2
Primary or Secondary Auto Ins. N3 C3 P3 CW3 W3
Primary or Secondary Workers' N4 C4 P4 CW4 W4
Primary or Secondary Insurance N5 C5 P5 CW5 W5

  • N1 is the number of invoices in the selected range where Medicare is the primary or secondary payer.
  • C1 is the total charges of invoices in the selected range where Medicare is the primary or secondary payer.
  • P1 is the total Medicare payments for ALL invoices in the selected range.
  • CW1 is the total Medicare contractual writeoffs for ALL invoices in the selected range.
  • W1 is the total writeoffs for ALL invoices in the selected range.
  • Note: W1=W2=W3=W4=W5=W6
  • CW3 is the total Other contractual writeoffs for ALL invoices in the selected range.
  • Note: CW3=CW4=CW5=CW6
V27.17 - 12/01/14
  • Corrected bug when selecting driver (page 2 of invoice)
  • Modified PCS List report
    • Days Left = Date of Service – Date PCS Signed
V27.18 - 12/10/14
  • In several places in the program the case of an item is converted to the first letter being capitalized. The 64 bit version of the program was not properly converting the case.
  • Collection letter extraction file format version 8 added. New description fields for the origin and destination of the trip were added.


    • Fields are separated with commas
    • Fields are enclosed in quotes
    • Optionally, fields are fixed width (selectable on page 7 of COMPANY setup file)
Version Cell Format Description Field Name
1 A C-10 Invoice code: XXX-XXXXXX INVOICE
1 B C-8 Patient code PAT_CODE
1 C D-10 Date of service: mm/dd/yyyy SER_DATE
1 D C-15 Patient's first name PAT_FNAME
1 E C-15 Patient's middle initial PAT_MNAME
1 F C-25 Patient's last name PAT_LNAME
1 G C-15 Responsible party's first name RP_FNAME
1 H C-15 Responsible party's middle initial RP_MNAME
1 I C-25 Responsible party's last name RP_LNAME
1 J C-30 Street address #1 ADDR1
1 K C-30 Street address #2 ADDR2
1 L C-20 City CITY
1 M C-2 State STATE
1 N C-10 Zip code ZIP
1 O C-5 Area code: (999) A_CODE
1 P C-8 Phone number: 999-9999 PHONE
1 Q C-11 Social security number SSN
1 R N-10.2 Total invoice charges AMT_INIT
1 S N-10.2 Total invoice payments AMT_PAID
1 T N-10.2 Invoice balance AMT_DUE
2 U C-1 Patient's signature on file: Y/N SIGNATURE
3 V C-28 Employer's name EMP_NAME
3 W C-30 Employer's street address #1 EMP_ADDR
3 X C-30 Employer's street address #2 EMP_ADDR2
3 Y C-20 Employer's city EMP_CITY
3 Z C-2 Employer's state EMP_STATE
3 AA C-10 Employer's zip code EMP_ZIP
3 AB C-5 Employer's area code: (999) EMP_A_CODE
3 AC C-8 Employer's phone number: 999-9999 EMP_PHONE
3 AD C-1 Insurance paid/rejected: P-paid, R-rejected, or SPACE INS_PAID_REJ
4 AE D-10 Patient's date of birth: mm/dd/yyyy PAT_DOB
5 AF C-1 Patient deceased: Y/N DECEASED
6 AG C-11 Responsible party’s social security number SSN_RES
8 AH C-42 Origin description FM_DES
7 AI C-30 Origin street address FM_ADDR
7 AJ C-20 Origin city FM_CITY
7 AK C-2 Origin state FM_STATE
7 AL C-10 Origin zip FM_ZIP
8 AM C-42 Destination description TO_DES
7 AN C-30 Destination street address TO_ADDR
7 AO C-20 Destination city TO_CITY
7 AP C-2 Destination state TO_STATE
7 AQ C-10 Destination zip TO_ZIP
7 AR C-30 Name of primary insurance NAME_INS1
7 AS C-20 Policy number of primary insurance POLICY_INS1
7 AT C-30 Name of secondary insurance NAME_INS2
7 AU C-20 Policy number of secondary insurance POLICY_INS2

V27.19 - 12/16/14
  • Wording on Operations Report changed (1 year changed to 12 months).
V27.20 - 01/22/15
  • Collection letter XML export modified to always include field even if blank.
V27.21 - 02/20/15
  • Increased field length for DPATH_COL and DPATH_EXP (64 bit version supports long file names).
  • Railroad Medicare has shut down their dialup electronic claims systems. Everyone should now be using Office Ally to transmit claims to Railroad Medicare.
V27.22 - 03/16/15
  • Option to export AGED report data to a comma delimited file (AGED.DAT) added.
V27.23 - 03/17/15
  • Corrected bug in V27.22 AGED export.
V27.24 - 03/18/15
  • Added collection dates to AGED export.


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