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Software Updates

04/01/2020 - 03/31/2021

V33.0 - 04/02/2020
  • New batch creation of patient records option added. Call for help using this feature.

V33.1 - 04/08/2020
  • Miscellaneous issues with V33.0's new batch option corrected. Responsible party is now set to patient's name in batch creation.
  • Parsing of CSV files now supports both single and double quoted fields.
  • New batch creation of dialysis patient invoices option added. Call for help using this feature.
  • Validate improved to pause upon completion.

V33.2 - 04/14/2020
  • BATCH7 now has logic to default the reason code to “D” if the destination modifier is “J”.
  • BATCH7 now has logic to default the transported from and to address to the patient's street address if the modifier is “R” for residence.

V33.3 - 04/15/2020
  • BATCH7 now updates from/to street address properly.

V33.4 - 04/29/2020
  • Added new report to Miscellaneous Reports menu (List of Invoices Where Secondary Payor is Private Pay).

V33.5 - 05/04/2020
  • BATCH7 now has logic to skip posting mileage charge if supply code is blank.

V33.6 - 05/27/2020
  • BATCH7 now sets the charge date to the date of service.

V33.7 - 07/07/2020
  • New option D in Maintenance Menu allows merging an old memo file with the current memo file.

V33.8 - 08/10/2020
  • New option B in In/Out Menu added to Batch Invoices With Bad Addresses.
    • BATCH8.CSV file contains a list of invoices to perform the batch operation on.
    • First line contains the header with one field (INVOICE).
    • Additional lines contain invoice codes (9 characters).
    • The invoice is set to collection status C1.
    • The patient record for the invoice will have its “Bad Address” field set to “Y”.
    • Lines that contain invalid invoice codes are skipped.

V33.9 - 11/03/2020
  • REF_2010BB now transmitted if state is Alabama and primary insurance code is MEDICAID.

V33.10 - 01/15/2021
  • CMS 1500 form how includes filter for insurance code.

V33.11 - 03/29/2021
  • Statements bug when ZAP executed corrected.

V33.12 - 03/30/2021
  • Corrected CMS 1500 form bug caused by update V33.10.


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